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Part II: The Amazing Adevtures of Boss Man and the Machete Mobbers

February 12, 2012

by Zachary Bron
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The Amazing Adventures of Boss Man and the Machete Mobbers!


The Machete Mobber (not all) From left to right: Machete Moos (Rob Taylor), Tarzan (Zac Long), Dr.Chop (Max Cooper), Machete Queen (Brigitte Desvaux), Chicklit (Kylie Bechdolt), Nacho (Joe Mckittrick), Tropic (Alex Goff), Feature (Ian Chesser), Frau Mabba (Anne Shingler) and Bombs (Kari Remmen).

Chapter II: Boss Man vs. The Jungle

A haven of shade covered Boss and the Mobbers as they waited just outside Panama City for a buss that would take them to San Miguel. After two busses passed, packed to the brim with people hanging out the door and 45 minute in between each arrival, they decided to try for an alternate form of transportation. Within 10 minutes they found themselves on an exiting hitch in the back of a pickup truck that took them all the way into town. Water and energy was replenished and off they went for another stint in Kalu Yala Valley.

A Taste of Adventure

Boss seemed to like the hike out more than the first time but was just as exited to get into base camp. He liked so much that he hiked the trail 8 times during this particular stint. There was always work to be done at the camp, and was embraced with a fantastic work ethic by the Mobbers. Bambboo walls were continued and fronds were used to finish upper walling and roofing. New trails were being developed, flora and fauna were being identified and resources were gathered, all conducted at a steady pace. To keep true to a pact for sustainability Boss used left over frond stock to build a chair. The volley ball court was restored as well. Plastic was layed under the court so that the amazing speed of vegetation growth did not corrupt it. Sand from the beach was taken to fill the court, after a test to see if the sediment would be regenerated, and it did. Boss and the Mobbers could now enjoy competitive recreation that brought quite a lot of laughs…although running after stray balls was not so fun on bare feet.


How Base Camp looks as of February 10th, 20012


Chair made from left over palm frond that was used for roofing and walling.


Boss and the Mobbers working to clear the court from vegetation growth from time in between semesters.


Plastic is placed so vegetation growth is prevented, then sand layered on top.


“Vally ball” court ready to play!

Rock climbing is one of Boss’s favorite hobbies. He brought climbing gear to Panama in hope of finding some ascendable rock. However faces were littered with vegetation and were rare altogether. Boss and Machete Joe (one of the Mobbers) decided the unclimbable face next to the local swimming hole would be fun to at least repel. They climbed up the steep but safe backside only to be met with copious vegetation that could not be seen from the bottom. They started to hack through but were greeted by a swarming ant hive in a low hanging tree. Another direction seemed to be their best bet, but another ant hive in the dirt stopped them in their tracks. “Owe!” yelled Machete Joe pulling an ant from his forehead. “F%$k!” yelled Boss plucking an ant from the back of his neck. They were under siege! Yelps leaped from their mouths as bites proceeded, “lets get the hell out of here” Machete Joe yelled. The top of the hill was to steep to rush down, so time and care had to be taken while descending. They grabbed onto vines to aid them, only to feel sharp pains from protruding thorns. They slid down the hill and plunged into the river. Defeat was met…the jungle had won.

Chapter III: A Night in Fright

The sun snuck behind the horizon and twilight lit the sky. A couple Mobbers had hiked to the top of Kalu Yala hill to scout possible additions to the trail and catch the sunset from the top. Equipped with headlamps they were ready for the dark, but dark had come and they were not back at base camp. They did not specify the duration of their escapade and their absence delivered concern. Worry had settled into the rest of the Mobbers as scenarios for their delay rattled their minds. “Maybe they got lost”, “maybe one broke a ligament”, or “maybe one had been bitten by something nasty”. The Mobbers waited until after dinner and decided it was appropriate to search for the others. They geared up with water and medical packs and hit the trails. One team went up the same trail the missing Mobbers and another team, with Boss, went around the back of the hill. They trekked through the night and yelled their names. Their voices echoed through the valley, but only dog barking and bugs noises rebutted. The first team had reached the top of the hill to find the “missing” Mobbers just enjoying the full moon and the noises of the night. There was tension in exchange for the wear the search had tolled on the Mobbers, but they were happier knowing there safety was not in jeopardy. Perhaps the search party was not needed, but now, more communication and care would be established before future adventures. With no harm done to the Mobbers a lesson was learned with ease.

Chapter IV: Trash Trash Go Away, Never Come Another Day

Boss Man and the Machete Mobbers left the valley a day early so they could wake up early to help the Community Outreach Team in their efforts to conduct a successful river clean-up day with the local school children. The reason for the clean-up was the mentality of many Panamanians, that if its not in their backyard its ok. Burning trash along the riverside was common and even worse was the trash abandoned by banks. It was a detrimental goal for the Community Outreach Team to teach the children that littering is not ok.

They met at 10:00am with the children and some parents. A quick prayer took place. Then plastic gloves and bags were handed out. Boss brought a soccer ball to the states to give to the children, and used this opportunity to the advantage. Whoever picked up the most trash would get the soccer ball. And off they went! Bags and Bags came rolling in and boxes of glass bottles were stacked. The trash was separated in recycling groups and trash. After everybody finished eating the food the Community Outreach Team had made, the soccer ball was handed out to a whole family who worked together to bring in quite a lot of trash. Boss Man felt great about what they had all accomplished. After they had finished Boss Man and the Mobbers headed back to Panama City.

During the three days off, Boss decided to go to El Palmar, were Johnny (the chef) brought some surfboards. Some serious recreation and leisure was to be had by Boss.

After his return, Boss Man and the Mobber packed their things again, and headed back to their home in the Valley

Stay tunned for another exiting chapter of

The Amazing Adventures of Boss Man and the Machete Mobbers! Taste of Adventure

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