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On our grueling two hour hike to the waterfall.
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Finalities sneak up on you. More often than not, you don’t realize a moment is the last of its kind until it’s gone. The last party hike, the last splash in the Rio, the last clink of glasses amongst your peers, your familia de el verano, as you all bring your jungle drinks together and [...]  Read More
Self Shot
by Alice Stankovitch Posted In: Wandering Thoughts
Alice talks about the physical and mental transformations the jungle has caused her to realize about herself.  Read More
Horses belonging to the nearby campesinos
by Alice Stankovitch Posted In: Animal Science, The Creation of a Culture
What the Outdoor Rec interns have been brewin' up recently, including details on Alice's equestrian project.  Read More
Pedro and I ready for our first Valley storm
by Alice Stankovitch Posted In: Voices of Kalu Yala
Alice's musings on the first week in the valley. Kalu Yala Outdoor Recreation Intern.  Read More