Q & A with Catherine

Where You Live:Charleston, SC
Star Sign:Cancer
Likes:Traveling, live music, hula-hoops, fresh produce, wine and cheese, driving fast, cold pillows.
Dislikes:Factory farming, know-it-alls, status quo, long lines, cockroaches, the Gamecocks, cold weather.
Strengths:Empathetic, passionate, dedicated.
Weaknesses:perfectionist and restlessness
Odd Thought:If pro and con are opposites, shouldn’t the opposite of progress be congress?
Most Anticipated Part of the Journey:Being with like-minded, passionate people who care and camping in the valley!
Favorite Creature:Rocket, my rescue dog.
Must Have Item to Take to Panama:my Ipod

Personal & Professional


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.


Change occurs gradually, stay positive.

Biography - Catherine Hay

Since I first learned of Kalu Yala this past March I have been eagerly following the blog, Facebook page, pictures, etc. When in June I heard there would be an intern program this Fall, I was ecstatic. I am so excited and honored to join the Kalu Yala team. I graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2009 with a B.A. in Finance, but knew I was not interested in taking the path towards big banking. I have always felt the need to make my career towards progressive and positive change. So, instead of heading to NYC’s Park Avenue, I have decided to come to Panama to combine my business knowledge and my activist drive to further the hard, important work being done at Kalu Yala. It is my goal to help in establishing an efficient, resourceful, organic agricultural system. Furthermore, I hope to build a path towards natural, cruelty-free animal agriculture. Kalu Yala can set the standard for establishing a strong connection to the food we put in our bodies, and become a model for environmental, human, and animal welfare. I look forward to the lessons learned and new experiences!