Q & A with Courtney

Role:outdoor recreation intern
Where You Live:virginia
Star Sign:Sagittarius
Likes:live music, crystals, sunshine, good vibes, soft blankets
Dislikes:ketchup, negative attitudes, snow
Strengths:positive personality, strong minded, flexible
Weaknesses:shy at first, math
Odd Thought:
Most Anticipated Part of the Journey:the journey itself
Favorite Creature:cheetah
Must Have Item to Take to Panama:sunscreen

Personal & Professional


the more we dwell on what we don’t want, the more we get it *


happiness can be found in even the darkest times, if only one remembers to turn on the light *

Biography - Courtney Johnson

Courtney is a senior and Recreation and Tourism major at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Hailing from Chesapeake, VA she is a southeastern Virginia local with an intense desire to explore a new place, and what better place than Panama! The Chesapeake Bay atmosphere paired with concentration in Outdoor Recreation has sparked her interest in sustainability as well as a love for the outdoors. Spending a few months on a Wilderness Ventures trip in Hawaii is what ultimately lead her to pursue Outdoor Recreation as a career. She is most looking forward to stepping out of her comfort zone and fully immersing herself into a new environment. She is eager to share the experience with other like minded individuals from around the world.