Q & A with Erin Marie

Role:Community Outreach Director
Where You Live:No Fixed Abode... Austin Tx is where I currently call home.
Star Sign:Aquarius
Likes:Travel. Photography. Yoga. Writing. Reading. Meeting new people. Guitar. Ice cream. Pizza. Laughing.
Odd Thought:
Most Anticipated Part of the Journey:Growth; introspection; meeting new people and facing new challenges.
Favorite Creature:
Must Have Item to Take to Panama:Camera, Siempre.

Personal & Professional


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense.” Paulo Coelho


Leap and the Net will appear... ... Love and Let Go

Biography - Erin Marie Keigher

She was born in California USA, and grew up in England. Her childhood summers were spent in Ireland with her grandma; fishing and climbing trees and mucking out the cattle. During her summers from Manchester University, she worked in the Pocono's in Pennsylvania as an athletic counselor. From Sept 2005 – Sept 2011 she lived in Austin Texas, where she… fell in love; learnt how to say ‘ya’ll’; attempted to make a living acting; ran a marathon; swam daily; taught 8th Grade English; taught yoga; ate really well; and was overwhelming blessed with amazing live music and some of the most beautiful people she knows, and calls family. She resigned from teaching 8th grade as she is listening to her heart... She has had this pull to Colombia for a couple of years now, so she leaped... and the net is appearing. During her first week in Panama Erin Marie was wandering around taking pictures. She took pictures of this beautiful pink house... she now currently lives in this beautiful pink house as it is the city office of Kalu Yala. She knows she is exactly where she is suppose to be, and is blessed to working with Kalu Yala. “not all who wander are lost” ~ J.R.R Tolkein http://colouryourworldwithlove.wordpress.com/