Q & A with Lanier

Role:Fall 2010 World Changing Intern
Where You Live:New Orleans, Louisiana
Star Sign:Cancer
Likes:music, adventure, animals, criminal law
Dislikes:ignorance, inconsideration
Strengths:Organization, optimism, spontaneity
Weaknesses:Anxiety, anything orange flavored
Odd Thought:Why is yawning contagious?
Most Anticipated Part of the Journey:Camping in Kalu Yala
Favorite Creature:Weimaraner
Must Have Item to Take to Panama:Digital Camera

Personal & Professional


Everything happens for a reason


Go big or go home

Biography - Lanier Clement

Lanier Clement, a New Orleanian, recently graduated from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. As a communications major, she focused on international relations and public media writing, which is helpful in spreading the word of Kalu Yala. Lanier is eager to improve her Spanish and emerge herself in the culture while in Panama. Lanier enjoys traveling while becoming aware of the sociological aspects of as many cultures as possible. For instance, this summer she cruised along the Baltic Sea and made an effort to understand the customs and traditions of each country: Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland. Lanier will work towards educating the locals in San Miguel, a nearby town of Kalu Yala. It is important for them to feel comfortable about the project and help them get involved. As Kalu Yala launches, her main focus will be preserving the local traditions and culture while raising awareness through community outreach. The Communication plan will include events to create a mutual understanding of Kalu Yala between the locals and planners.