Q & A with Zachary

Role:Outdoor Recreation Director
Where You Live:San Francisco
Star Sign:Gemini
Dislikes:Anybody who has a problem with us
Strengths:empathy, energy, tenacity
Weaknesses:organization, spelling
Odd Thought:I bet Godzilla could beat up King Gong
Most Anticipated Part of the Journey:
Favorite Creature:Hawk
Must Have Item to Take to Panama:Lucky hat

Personal & Professional


There is a time to learn and a time to play. The paradox is that many fail to realize the correlation between the two.


Love life and it will love you back

Biography - Zachary Bron

“I don’t mean to brag I don’t mean to boast but I like hot butter on my breakfast toast” – Sugarhill Gang. Meet Zachary Bron, the bread and butter of recreation interns. Studying at San Francisco State University Zac majors in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration while minoring in Geography, and will be graduating this spring. Zac also works for the city and county of San Francisco in the Recreation and Parks Department as a Recreation Leader. Action sports and outdoor recreation are his jam! He loves rock climbing and bikes everyday. He recently obtained his whitewater raft guide certificate and is trained in swift-water rescue and wilderness first aid. By studying eco-tourism and utilizing natural resources for personal recreation, Zac understands the importance of implementing a sustainable community, while considering physical and human geography. Kalu Yala provides an excellent opportunity for him to utilize his skills and obtain valuable experience. Zac plans to provide intrinsic recreation for locals, build leisure resources, and conduct a needs assessment for developing projects. He is stoked and even a little nervous to jump into the ambitious goals of Kalu Yala, but is confident in the organization, the stakeholders, and philosophy of creating one of the most sustainable communities the world has seen in centuries.