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The Chickens Are “Coop”in’ it!

November 28, 2011

by Brigitte Desvaux
Posted In: Crafted Investing
Baby Chicks at Casa Llena The purchase of three chickens this semester and their transformation from chicks to chickens in such a short period of time has resulted in the need for a coop. Fast. It won’t be much longer until our egg-pawning hen starts to lay eggs, and supplying all of them with a shelter where they can eat and sleep is essential to their well-being as future food producers.

Being inexperienced in both chicken coops and construction of them, Max Cooper and I looked online for ideas to help us develop a plan. Coming across many different styles of chicken coops, we chose a model that was both simple enough for us to construct and suitable to accommodate up to 12 future residents.

The Chicken coop measures 8-feet wide, 2-feet deep, and has a two level interior with a total height of 4-feet. Removable chicken wire encloses the front façade of the structure so our chickens can be admired while cuddled up in their coop. Concrete blocks elevate the entire structure off the ground so if torrential downpours start to pool, the chicken coop won’t flood. A small ramp with pegs allows the chickens to get into the coop, while another ramp within the structure allows them to get to the second level.

Entry Door into Chicken Coop

Entry Door into Chicken Coop

For right now, the only piece missing is the roof, an essential finish prior to letting the chickens move into their new home. Since the roof structure will be the main preventative measure against rain, we feel it is important to include a waterproof, zinc roof that is attached at an angle to allow runoff to be clear of the chickens.

We plan to fill the bottom with sawdust and hay, reposition the chickens food in the coop, and lure them into their new homes. Hopefully they will find comfort in their new dwelling, and our little egg-pawning hen can scope out a spot to comfortably lay eggs!

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