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A Tour of the Valley

June 8, 2012

by Jillian McFadyen
Posted In: Designing the Village, Display on Agriculture, The Creation of a Culture

After missing my flight to Panama I was very anxious to get acquainted and meet everyone. The first two weeks have been such an amazing adventure so far and I couldn’t be more comfortable out in the valley. Not only have we made basecamp our home, but a community. Every time I take a moment to look around at the beauty I am surrounded by I cannot believe its real. Our lack of luxuries actually creates this natural calmness, which has certainly been a wonderful mood booster for myself and it seems like the rest of the gang as well. The momentum we all have to help create what Kalu Yala is striving for has built a strong team of interns who definitely are not hesitating when it comes to getting our hands dirty. After all, we are the warriors living out in the jungle. I would say it’s safe to assume no one would have signed up if they were afraid of a little, well, lots of mud and huge spiders. Our first stint in the valley consisted of basic maintenance and upkeep to get us comfortable in our tents and around base camp. It will always be evolving.


The entrance to base camp and Duran, our valley pup.


Our tents & clothesline


The Rancho & The Cabana--The Hammock is one of my favorite things here at base camp.


The Kitchen; great sink view, eh?


Hen House


Another Frequent & Favorite neighbor, Ramon!


Our Neighbors


Las Mujeres


El Bano, Los Mujeres y Hombres


Swimming--Showering Sanctuary


"Paradise Hole"

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  1. Kate says:

    Love the pictures!!!!