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Fonda Largo: The Cuisine of the Jungle

January 27, 2013

by Marcella Polera
Posted In: Display on Agriculture, Farm to Table Living, The Creation of a Culture

As the Sassy Italian lady that I am, food is something very important in my life. Before I left home, my chef friends made jokes about eating iguanas roasted on a spit…and I am happy to say that no reptiles have been harmed in the feeding of the 20 wild Valley interns.

Patacones y Pinnapple

The staple meal in Panama is arroz, frijoles y patacones, (rice, beans, and fried plantains.) and occasionally  some form of meat (no iguanas yet,guys). Largo is the resident Chef for the Valley crew, and let me tell you, I have never seen such amazing food, especially from a camp stove. With no running water( not yet, at least), no refrigeration, and the closest market is about 35 minutes away, I am convinced that Largo is a wizard.

Just a few examples of our meals:

Breakfast- eggs, cereal, cinnamon french toast, blueberry pancakes, fresh mandarin, fresh grapefruit

Lunch- Burritos, grilled cheese, veggie soup, rice and bean, veggie kabobs, mac and cheese with churrizo, watermelon, pineapple, patacones, papaya

Monster Burritos BBQ Pork Chops Patacones Valley Pizza night

Dinner- spaghetti, chicken alfredo, stir fry, pizza, grilled pork chops and mashed potatoes, salad, rice and beans, cheese veggie soup

Drink options- Strong black coffee, water, gatorade mix, tang mix or,warm beer, cheap rum, and boxed wine(if you ration properly for the duration of the trip)

With the kitchen in the center of the farm, and the orchard a short hike away, the idea of farm to table living has never been so clear. Every meal is a masterpiece in the Valley.


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