Naked Development

Naked Development is Kalu Yala’s promise of arrogant transparency in all that we do. Arrogant, because we genuinely believe the highest and best use of any resource must take into account all stakeholders and impacts before it can be uncovered. Read our blogs and download our documents. Comment to tell us what you like, what you don’t, and how we can do better. With your help, we know we will succeed.

5 Responses to “Naked Development”

  1. confused says:

    I am very confused. It is extremely difficult to tell who you are, what you do, or what Kalu Yala is or will be. Second, you say over and over that you are committed to sustainability and community. However, as far as I can tell, you are developing an essentially undeveloped region of rainforest. How is this at all sustainable?

  2. Hello, I am glad that you have brought up these questions. As we are committed to transparency in our development process, we are happy to discuss interested parties’ concerns relating to our land management. Anne Shingler, a current intern in the our Outdoor Recreation Program wrote her latest blog addressing many of your concerns. Please have a look at it and if you want to continue the discussion further, feel free to email me at
    “Sustainably Developing the Valley: Contradiction or Possibility?

  3. Bo Visser says:

    I am wondering where this is taking place. I assume in the Darien region as this is the most forested area of Panama, but I cannot find San Miguel on a map where your interns are teaching. The only place I could find was an Island, but is this where the new community is located closest to? What about other (indigenous) communities in the forest, is contact established with those communities and what is their attitude towards this new town?

  4. Stephanie says:


    I am also interested in some of the same points that Bo brings up. I think there is a huge opportunity to collaborate with the indigenous communities who are already living off of the land with minimal impact. I read the blog post but feel that it doesn’t completely answer Bo’s question and what I think will be the concern of many. It would really help if you could explain a little more about your development ideas.


  5. sam says:

    all seems too good to be true. it’s like the LOST island from the series