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Strengths Within a Digital Community

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May 20, 2010

by laurenwillson
Posted In: Our Global Community

PJ Yesawich Jr. leads a group conversation on strengths and weaknesses within a digital community. Here are some thoughts…

Creating a digital Kalu Yala community through social media will expand and generate outlets to find people who want to work on the project. The Internet is a perfect place to come together with like-minded people and attain what you want. A recent feat of this is Betty White getting on Saturday Night Live. However, it’s necessary to keep the digital representation of Kalu Yala authentic.. it’s not all just smiling faces!! The Internet is kind of like a multicultural, multifaceted brainstorm on a global scale. If you don’t get feedback, then you don’t get better.

Another aspect to think about when using Internet as a urban development tool is the increased public accountability of a place. Independent business owners and people working to promote their businesses are less likely to make a wrong move when they know their dirty laundry could be aired all over the World Wide Web. Kalu Yala should also take advantage of having 2,000 fans on Facebook by actually contacting them and connecting with them on a personal level, distinguishing between who really cares about making Kalu Yala great and those who follow Kalu Yala as a trend because their buddies say it’s cool.

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