Privacy Policy

How We Collect Information & What We Collect

Kalu Yala collects consumer information through the Contact Us form. Kalu Yala wants you to be able to learn as much as possible about the community and therefore does not require any sort of registration. The site does provide visitors with a form that allows them to enter their contact information in order to receive updates and additional information on Kalu Yala.

If consumers have submitted a registration form and need to update their records, they can email and type PROFILE CHANGE in the subject line. All changes to a profile will be updated within five to seven business days of receipt.

How We Use Your Information

When a visitor submits a form communicating their interest on our site, a profile is created for them in Kalu Yala’s database. Key employees are given secured, controlled access to the information provided in order to fulfill the request.


This material is presented for informational purposes only. A solicitation for investment or an offer to purchase may only be made through a specific, detailed agreement executed by the Company

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