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Jake at work
Marius talks about the first week working with the Ag team and the many things they are already getting their hands on!  Read More
Previously on The Farm… The farm continues to take shape through the blood sweat and tears of the Ag team, led by fearless director Alex Goff. Sadly, we are still mourning the temporary absence of Joanne and Josh, on the farm. Though gone for different reasons, both of them are dearly missed, especially right around [...]  Read More
The fall semester is here!  The KY Agriculture team has hit the ground running this semester.  We have been working on a lot of clearing and general maintenance during our first stint.  On top of the general upkeep we have planted hundreds and hundreds of seeds in our new and improved green house, planted over [...]  Read More
KALU YALA AGRICULTURE GOALS FALL 2013 The Kalu Yala agriculture program will consist of an 8-hour workday.  The first four hours will consist of working in the maintenance and upkeep of the farm including the expanding and growing new and existing crops.  The main goal for the Fall 2013 semester will be working on building up the [...]  Read More
Farm Summer 2013
Matt Duffy represents the Agriculture Team this week by writing a blog introducing their first couple weeks with Kalu Yala and plans already beginning to form for the remainder of the semester.   Read More
Alex on the Farm
Agriculture Program Director Alex Goff outlines his program goals for Summer 2013.  Read More
San Miguel Panama Map
During my fifth stint in the Panamanian jungle, I will have established hummingbird feeders throughout the farm, documented the types of medicinal herbs available in our region, and have built enough strong rafts for a river race.  Read More
Sprouted seedlings
Pictures of the recent growth in the green house  Read More
Annie Coleman, an Agriculture Intern, details the excitement of the first sprouts in Kalu Yala's first green house.  Read More
Ag Intern Annie Coleman discusses the process of designing and building Kalu Yala's first greenhouse.   Read More