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Chickens can be a tough bird to sell people on, but it was an easy task for the Chicken Whisperer, Nicole Keklak.  Read More
finished mural
Kelsey discusses the work that the Animal Science group has done these first few weeks in the valley and talks about plans for the upcoming ones.  Read More
Sam and I at the waterfall
Routine is the key to my success and that still holds true here working with Kalu Yala in the Valley. By: Kelsey Hendry, Kalu Yala Animal Sciences Intern  Read More
Heifer Honduras
I have recently taken my annual journey back home to the United States for the rainiest of the rainy months in Panama. While here, I am set on exploring the wealth of well planned and executed projects that relate to our goals at Kalu Yala. The U.S. is brimming with exciting examples of sustainable principles [...]  Read More
Chicken Coop Front view
The purchase of three chickens this semester and their transformation from chicks to chickens in such a short period of time has resulted in the need for a coop. Fast. It won’t be much longer until our egg-pawning hen starts to lay eggs, and supplying all of them with a shelter where they can eat [...]  Read More
Baby Chicks at Casa Llena
Brigitte talks about three new baby chicks coming to the Kalu Yala crew, how they will tie into projects in the company, and what to expect in the future. From building the coop to collecting eggs, the chickens join Kalu Yala in their adventure.  Read More