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8 weeks ago, September rolled around, with a new semester here, new interns, and myself in a new role, taking on our education program in addition to our other programs and operations in San Miguel. In the past, I’d filled various roles in my work here. Rio Clean-Up Day, afterschool programs, water testing, health care [...]  Read More
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A list of goals and semester projects from the San Miguel Program Director.  Read More
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Looking back on this semester and all that we’ve accomplished is difficult—mostly because it’s too quiet for me to think straight. I’ve become accustomed to the chaos. The chaos of being pestered with questions about everything from water to blender usage to healthcare in Panama, the chaos of the groggy mumbles or bright-eyed exclamations of “good morning Dad!” accompanying the faces of each of the 17 students as they wake up and fight the line for the bathrooms, the chaos of the smells of banana pancakes and eggs and tortillas and whatever leftover creation Tomas is making for breakfast battling for my nostrils.  Read More
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Each intern this week wrote on a few of those goals, and the challenges faced or how they are progressing with them  Read More
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Community Outreach Director Esteban Gast outlines his Summer 2013 goals for the Kalu Yala Internships CO team.  Read More
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The spring semester is over, and the Community Outreach team wanted to share the wonderful and various projects worked on by the team's all-star interns!  Read More
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Intern Britney Herman discusses leading by example in a blog that ponders life, veganism and watermelons.   Read More
Standing Out
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The benefit of being an outsider in a foreign rural town, where tourists do not roam, is you learn a lot about yourself and you are in for a really interesting authentic experience.   Read More
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The Spring 2013 Community Outreach team worked hard to put on a successful and fun traditional Kalu Yala event: River Clean-Up Day in San Miguel!  Read More
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Intern Britney Herman describes her amazement at seeing seedlings sprout to life.  Read More