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Looking back on this semester and all that we’ve accomplished is difficult—mostly because it’s too quiet for me to think straight. I’ve become accustomed to the chaos. The chaos of being pestered with questions about everything from water to blender usage to healthcare in Panama, the chaos of the groggy mumbles or bright-eyed exclamations of “good morning Dad!” accompanying the faces of each of the 17 students as they wake up and fight the line for the bathrooms, the chaos of the smells of banana pancakes and eggs and tortillas and whatever leftover creation Tomas is making for breakfast battling for my nostrils.  Read More
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Nick writes about his observations of the Panamanian culture.  Read More
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I believe in grey areas. I believe in looking at the world from both sides of the gun in order to shake up preconceived notions and narrow perspectives. I believe in karma and paying it forward. I believe that desiring to learn and hungering for knowledge are highly underrated. I believe the mediums of music, art, and literature can save souls. I believe that there is something more out there and something after this life, but that if there isn’t, this world and this life are wonderful enough. I believe that life is actually very basic and it is through a disconnect with the world and with one another that we have created complications. Love one another, be compassionate towards man and earth; I believe it really is that simple. More than anything though, I believe that we create our own happiness, that we are in charge of our own destiny regardless of the accidents that happen along the way, and that most things and all people are capable of positive change and growth.  Read More
Edward gives an account of a day in his life, and analyzes a trend he sees in the Kalu Yala culture, and the valuable lesson that comes with it.  Read More
Food Stall
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Jonathan describes some elements of cultural differences experienced in Panama City.  Read More
San Miguel Bridge
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The Valley: "Despite the hardships that are endured, there is this feeling that you are being filled in a way that could never be obtained in a concrete city" The City: "The streets are saturated with the culture of Panama..." San Miguel: "The process of assimilating into this world is delicate"   Read More
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The spring semester is over, and the Community Outreach team wanted to share the wonderful and various projects worked on by the team's all-star interns!  Read More
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Intern Britney Herman discusses leading by example in a blog that ponders life, veganism and watermelons.   Read More
Standing Out
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The benefit of being an outsider in a foreign rural town, where tourists do not roam, is you learn a lot about yourself and you are in for a really interesting authentic experience.   Read More
Pineapple and Sugar Cane
After a wonderful home visit with our neighbors, truly special gifts of plantain trees, yuca and sugar cane starters, as well as other plants were returned to be planted in our jungle farm.   Read More