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4th of July Champagne pop
Information on Jungle Adventures by Kalu Yala. A 3 day/2night trip into Kalu Yala to live as the Kalu Yalans live, guided by Jocelyn Karpy.  Read More
Nathan discusses the competition that Kalu Yala will face as the company enters the tourism marketplace.  Read More
Whitney reflects on her ecotourism experience at Eco Venao. From her trip, she learns ecotourism is primarily about education and fostering appreciation for the land and secondarily about hospitality.   Read More
The Peak of Baru
by Mallory Orr Posted In:
Mallory ponders the meaning of hiking and recounts observations she took from her most recent hiking experiences  Read More
Horses belonging to the nearby campesinos
What the Outdoor Rec interns have been brewin' up recently, including details on Alice's equestrian project.  Read More
View of hiking out of the valley
These last few years, the Panamanian tourism market has been growing quickly, and by following the steps of neighboring Costa Rica, the country has started to make a name for itself in the global community. Due to its tropical climate, attractive geographic location and use of the American dollar, Panama has become a top tourist [...]  Read More
Water Fall
Not too Shabby
Davis Mann discusses Panama City's potential as an economy on the rise along with the region's structural insufficiency, and his optimism that these factors, when addressed correctly, can actually be used to an investor's advantage, thus leading to wide margins of profitability.  Read More
The Valley
The Kalu Yala Valley offers great views of wildlife and nature, insane ridgelines, two amazing rivers, fantastic hiking, and best of all great people to pass the time with. These are my weekly experiences as a member of the Kalu Yala team.  Read More
Mono Titi Panama
Today the Kalu Yala crew is headed for the Valley and Kimberly is set on getting video footage of monkeys. In this post, she talks about what kind of monkeys she usually sees at Kalu Yala and gives a short background of the mono titi monkey, aka the Central American Squirrel Monkey.  Read More