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Intern Britney Herman discusses leading by example in a blog that ponders life, veganism and watermelons.   Read More
I bought a DVD from Giant Tiger for $3.29. And before that item, I bought a shirt for $5.48. I don’t need either item, but I bought them because they seemed interesting and inexpensive – and they are both interesting and inexpensive. I don’t particularly want to contribute to the cycle of consumption of goods, [...]  Read More
Sustainability economist and author of the book Prosperity without Growth, Tim Jackson thoroughly addressed the problem of the ecological limits of a finite planet in one of his recorded conference speeches that I happened to find a couple of days ago online. I was fascinated by this public speech and will definitely put his book [...]  Read More
Kalu Yala Education Program Intern Lizzy Bowen describes her perfect weekend getaway trip to Isla Grande, Panama.   Read More
Lindsay learns about recycling practices in Panama and chases garbage trucks down the streets of San Miguel   Read More
Kalu Yala intern Lizzy describes her trip to the valley and the issues of waste management.  Read More
Teaching EFL to My Teenagers
Kalu Yala intern Mimi Powell takes on the challenge of integrating two different educational disciplines - "English as a Foreign Language" and Environmental Stewardship - to find inspirational successes with her San Miguel students.  Read More
Jacqueline blogs about the various positive psychological and social factors that come from increasing the density in a community.  Read More
Travis proposes more ways we can protect forests from the causes of deforestation by attributing real value for the services they provide us. This segment discusses the importance tropical forests play in producing medical breakthroughs to fight cancers, HIV, and hundreds of other diseases. Can modern medicine work to protect our remaining jungles?  Read More
Panama City
Over the course of the summer, Team Etsy has done a ton of research on tourism, including its economic impact. Read their post on Panama becoming a greater tourist destination, and its continuous need to enhance the tourism industry.  Read More