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Funny Photo
Chandler talks about the awesome first week the Farm to Table team has had and some of the plans for what is to come. There is even a recipe included at the end of the blog!  Read More
Sprouted seedlings
Pictures of the recent growth in the green house  Read More
by Britney Herman Posted In:
Intern Britney Herman discusses leading by example in a blog that ponders life, veganism and watermelons.   Read More
Pineapple and Sugar Cane
After a wonderful home visit with our neighbors, truly special gifts of plantain trees, yuca and sugar cane starters, as well as other plants were returned to be planted in our jungle farm.   Read More
Tylre and the Watermelon
This blog lets you see some of the food we are cooking up under the rancho at our valley camp in Tres Brazos, Panama. Marcella Polera Spring 2013 Biology Intern  Read More
Whitney finds a great lunch spot in Casco Viejo after much wandering.  Read More
Pizza making time!
Lara gives you the low down on food in Panama, she talks about the delicious food that Largo cooks in the Valley as well as restaurants she loves in the City.  Read More
I have been in Panama for over a month now, and I have seen the city, the jungle, the beach all while meeting some awesome people. The one thing about home that I truly do miss is football, namely Purdue football. I haven’t missed a single home game in the past four years, and tailgating [...]  Read More
San Miguel
Nathan discusses the adventure that traveling to San Miguel from Panama City can be while detailing what makes San Miguel a nice place to spend some time.  Read More
Yuca Picking
Anthropology intern Julie created a video showcasing some of the interns harvesting yuca.   Read More