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The Magic Circle
by Morgan Wickstrom Posted In:
Community Outreach Intern Morgan describes a visit to Kalu Yala by Steven Brooks, an expert permaculturist.  Read More
Permaculture... love the upcycling!
Mary Ann describes her trip to Penomone and her new found gardening technique "the magic circle."  Read More
muy grande familia!
Mary Ann describes her garden excursion to local gardener extraordinaire, Merriam's casa!  Read More
Today people are rediscovering the advantages of bamboo, one of the world's key construction materials. Jacqueline writes about local panamanian artisan, Lorena Riba, and her bamboo hanging planters. She discusses the advantages they offer to the environment. Not only is it cheap and enduring, but also has an unmistakable aesthetic appeal.   Read More