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Brian discusses how interns have discovered that failure can be an important tool when forming ideas and starting new business plans and how the field of entrepreneurship and business has shifted away from a rigid structure of complex business plans with one final goal to an ever evolving plan with amoeba like structure. Through interactions with thought leaders and the ability to role play and create projects based on their interests interns have had massive personal and professional growth over the past 3 months.   Read More
After adding some much needed cow poop and critters to our old composting unit, Matt Duffy took the liberty of mixing and enclosing the location in order to begin the time consuming process of developing useable compost for the farm over the next year.   Read More
New Growth!
This stint has been particularly exciting for me because of all the new seeds we started in the greenhouse; prior to building our greenhouse, we were having a lot of trouble getting things to grow because of the dryness and the blistering sun.   Read More
The Nursery
Tylre describes working on the farm in Kalu Yala during the dry season.  Read More
Panama City's skyline
Last week, Kalu Yala’s business team attended an economic development conference in Panama City entitled «Panama, where the worlds meets» The conference was held by the Americas’ society and council of the Americas. The information collected will be extremely valuable not only for Kalu Yala, but for our individual global awareness as well. Different guests [...]  Read More
James looks at future growth in the Panamanian economy and how Kalu Yala plans to capture that growth.   Read More