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An intern describes life surrounded by impressive peers at Kalu Yala.  Read More
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Cory reviews his time spent with architect George Moreno and partners. Between architectural programming, drawing, and designing, he learns a new respect for architecture and the part that everyone on the Kalu Yala team can play in making big things happen.  Read More
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Cory explores Panama, has a lot of first experiences, and gets a lot a work done.  Read More
Spring 2012 Outdoor Rec Interns
The week before the Spring 2012 internship started, interns from all over the U.S., some international, began arriving at the place where they would start their 3-month adventure in Panama. Outnumbering all other programs, the seven Outdoor Recreation interns began collaborating and brainstorming right off the bat. The first week in the valley ideas were [...]  Read More
Happy while painting the mural
So I recently watched the movie Into the wild and memories of how I envisioned it from the book was brought to light. The protagonist was listening to his heart; and going on his own path in a contradictory way of being mindful of himself (and others), as well as being selfish. He longed for [...]  Read More
Machete Mobbers
In eight short weeks I will be starting a new job and moving to a new state. I will graduate and start my new career as a summer camp professional. This week I thought a lot about how my time at Kalu Yala is preparing me for some of the most important aspects of my [...]  Read More
the valley
Kari Courtney F Zac B Tiffany Terra Rob Sebastian Lillian Zac L Amanda Joe Aki Courtney J Jocelynn Anne Alex Hannah Andrea and me! It’s been only 2 weeks since 19 of us arrived in Panama to be a part of the Kalu Yala team, but it feels like we have been knowing each other [...]  Read More
Blair and Brigitte Orientation
Blair provides insight into the orientation week for Fall 2011 Interns. She explains the values of Kalu Yala and what she is most looking forward to this semester.   Read More
2011 Fall Interns Name: Victor Ansley Hometown: Thomson, GA School: Georgia College & State University Major: Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management Role for Kalu Yala: Fall 2011 Business program intern Quote: “I chose to come to Panama to explore creating sustainable growth while creating value for the local stakeholders [...]  Read More
Chris parties in Pedasi with Panama pollera girls
Chris reflects on his summer spent interning with Kalu Yala and all of the experiences and lessons learned along the way.  Read More