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This week the valley has been joined by quite a few of the “San MiGals” as they learn Spanish from The Casco Antiguo Spanish School. It’s been great to see our friends after they left from orientation in the valley, and after class some of them even help us out in the Rec Field or [...]  Read More
Jake at work
Marius talks about the first week working with the Ag team and the many things they are already getting their hands on!  Read More
8 weeks ago, September rolled around, with a new semester here, new interns, and myself in a new role, taking on our education program in addition to our other programs and operations in San Miguel. In the past, I’d filled various roles in my work here. Rio Clean-Up Day, afterschool programs, water testing, health care [...]  Read More
New people, new places, and completely new surroundings – I was heading off on the biggest adventure of my life – and I was terrified. But soon enough I was on the plane (luckily for me with one of my closest friends) and on my way to an entirely new way of living.  Read More
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A list of goals and semester projects from the San Miguel Program Director.  Read More
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Looking back on this semester and all that we’ve accomplished is difficult—mostly because it’s too quiet for me to think straight. I’ve become accustomed to the chaos. The chaos of being pestered with questions about everything from water to blender usage to healthcare in Panama, the chaos of the groggy mumbles or bright-eyed exclamations of “good morning Dad!” accompanying the faces of each of the 17 students as they wake up and fight the line for the bathrooms, the chaos of the smells of banana pancakes and eggs and tortillas and whatever leftover creation Tomas is making for breakfast battling for my nostrils.  Read More
With our Chagres camping trip behind us and only one work week ahead of us before field day/talent show and final presentations, the outdoor recreation team has kicked it into full gear and their efforts have paid off!   Read More
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I believe in grey areas. I believe in looking at the world from both sides of the gun in order to shake up preconceived notions and narrow perspectives. I believe in karma and paying it forward. I believe that desiring to learn and hungering for knowledge are highly underrated. I believe the mediums of music, art, and literature can save souls. I believe that there is something more out there and something after this life, but that if there isn’t, this world and this life are wonderful enough. I believe that life is actually very basic and it is through a disconnect with the world and with one another that we have created complications. Love one another, be compassionate towards man and earth; I believe it really is that simple. More than anything though, I believe that we create our own happiness, that we are in charge of our own destiny regardless of the accidents that happen along the way, and that most things and all people are capable of positive change and growth.  Read More
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Each intern this week wrote on a few of those goals, and the challenges faced or how they are progressing with them  Read More
Brian discusses how interns have discovered that failure can be an important tool when forming ideas and starting new business plans and how the field of entrepreneurship and business has shifted away from a rigid structure of complex business plans with one final goal to an ever evolving plan with amoeba like structure. Through interactions with thought leaders and the ability to role play and create projects based on their interests interns have had massive personal and professional growth over the past 3 months.   Read More