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Each intern this week wrote on a few of those goals, and the challenges faced or how they are progressing with them  Read More
Edward gives an account of a day in his life, and analyzes a trend he sees in the Kalu Yala culture, and the valuable lesson that comes with it.  Read More
San Miguel Bridge
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The Valley: "Despite the hardships that are endured, there is this feeling that you are being filled in a way that could never be obtained in a concrete city" The City: "The streets are saturated with the culture of Panama..." San Miguel: "The process of assimilating into this world is delicate"   Read More
Sun-sets in the Valley
Spring 2013 Bio Intern, Marcella Polera, critically examines how the Valley changes her life quest for meaning.  Read More
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Intern Britney Herman discusses leading by example in a blog that ponders life, veganism and watermelons.   Read More
Marcella Polera, a Spring 2013 Bio intern, writes a letter to herself in 5 years.  Read More
Rachel, an Agriculture Intern, discusses the relationship of local campesino, Ramone, with the Kalu Yala family.   Read More
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While my Outdoor Recreation Team and I have been working very hard on the Honey Creeper Trail this past stint, I have been doing a lot of thinking while I’m trail blazing and hiking through the thick jungle greens. One night, I felt the need to journal and describe my thoughts, which is something I [...]  Read More
An intern explains how life can still be challenging in a country as beautiful as Panama.   Read More
Pineapple and Sugar Cane
After a wonderful home visit with our neighbors, truly special gifts of plantain trees, yuca and sugar cane starters, as well as other plants were returned to be planted in our jungle farm.   Read More