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With our Chagres camping trip behind us and only one work week ahead of us before field day/talent show and final presentations, the outdoor recreation team has kicked it into full gear and their efforts have paid off!   Read More
The Outdoor Rec team has been pushing to make some serious headway on their projects. No project has come without its struggles, but they are all coming together greatly!   Read More
by Kristen Connors Posted In:
This week solid progress was made by the outdoor recreation interns. It is clear with the work ethic we have seen that we are going to have an incredibly successful semester.  Read More
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Outdoor Recreation Director Bryann Hoffman outlines her program's Summer 2013 goals.  Read More
San Miguel Panama Map
During my fifth stint in the Panamanian jungle, I will have established hummingbird feeders throughout the farm, documented the types of medicinal herbs available in our region, and have built enough strong rafts for a river race.  Read More
No one can deny that sometimes when we get sucked into our own endeavors we forget about the big picture. It's an amazing to know that when I get frustrated with my project I can leave it be for a few hours and help someone else.  Read More
First Raft Inland
The raft project was conceived and initiated during the third stint in the Tres Brazos valley of Panama. The entirety of a small, yet working, raft was completely built during this time. Likewise, an entire greenhouse was built by the agriculture team, and the biology team came within a hundred feet of delivering water to the base.  Read More
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While my Outdoor Recreation Team and I have been working very hard on the Honey Creeper Trail this past stint, I have been doing a lot of thinking while I’m trail blazing and hiking through the thick jungle greens. One night, I felt the need to journal and describe my thoughts, which is something I [...]  Read More
Valley Basecamp
Lisi describes how hard it is doing some paperwork in the jungle, due to special tropical circumstances...  Read More
Bamboo for days
This blog talks about a hike we took to the bamboo forest near our valley camp in Tres Brazos, Panama. Megan Pelham Spring 2013 Biology Intern  Read More