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The fall semester is here!  The KY Agriculture team has hit the ground running this semester.  We have been working on a lot of clearing and general maintenance during our first stint.  On top of the general upkeep we have planted hundreds and hundreds of seeds in our new and improved green house, planted over [...]  Read More
KALU YALA AGRICULTURE GOALS FALL 2013 The Kalu Yala agriculture program will consist of an 8-hour workday.  The first four hours will consist of working in the maintenance and upkeep of the farm including the expanding and growing new and existing crops.  The main goal for the Fall 2013 semester will be working on building up the [...]  Read More
The Magic Circle
by Morgan Wickstrom Posted In:
Community Outreach Intern Morgan describes a visit to Kalu Yala by Steven Brooks, an expert permaculturist.  Read More
Alex on the Farm
Alex Goff, Kalu Yala Internship's agriculture director, lists his Spring 2013 goals for the farm.  Read More
Kalu Yala proposed development
In this article Bertie tries to pin down what exactly the bigger picture of the Kalu Yala development is, discussing the ideologies of New Urbanism and the creation of a sustainable communities.  Read More
Kari explains the core ethics and values of permaculture and looks at how that fits into Kalu Yala's sustainable design ideas.   Read More
Alex Goff
I cannot begin to express how good it feels to be back in Panama with Kalu Yala. I was a Biology Intern in Summer 2011 and during my internship, the company expressed that they were going to be expanding. This expansion included  adding an Agriculture Program. I took this opportunity to show the company what [...]  Read More
Kelsey shares updates of the agricultural development in the valley including the use of permaculture.   Read More
Permaculture... love the upcycling!
Mary Ann describes her trip to Penomone and her new found gardening technique "the magic circle."  Read More