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As the only biology intern, the first stint was a time for exploring.  Read More
Valley Basecamp
Lisi describes how hard it is doing some paperwork in the jungle, due to special tropical circumstances...  Read More
During the last stint, Aaron Prairie, I, and two more companions got it together and made the hike to find the source of the Iguana river tributary from which we will draw water for the future settlement in Kalu Yala. There were all kinds of wild theories about the stream’s origin and the time it [...]  Read More
For this blog, I thought a great way to educate would be to highlight the primary skills an individual needs in order to become a suitable Panamanian campesino. Campesino 101. By: Jamie Fanous  Read More
“Life on the Frontier” is a glimpse into the lives of Kalu Yala’s adventure-driven, Spring 2012 Interns as they begin their epic voyage in this unique social experiment — building, conducting research, charting their observations, establishing community relations, and finding comfort in their new humble abode. Once again, we welcome you to the junglescapes of [...]  Read More
However the world came to be, whenever it was all rolled into one, I also materialized. I am a mass of organic matter that has been recycled since the beginning of the universe. I am little bits of matter that originated before me, and when I’m dead, I will return to little bits of matter, [...]  Read More
Kalu Yala’s Spring 2012 semester kicked off with large ideas AND personalities. This semester’s group of interns hail from all over the globe — including Finland, France, and Korea. Peek the filmic prelude to their great beginnings in Panama, as they leave the pink corridors of Hispania and head to San Miguel and the Valley [...]  Read More
Experience adventure on the Pacora River with us as we share an epic story from the Summer 2011 semester. Kalu Yala's Creative Director, Sarah Tyler, presents the short "Ragin' Rivers: Story of the Pacora."  Read More
Sarah Tyler, Kalu Yala's Creative Director, presents KALU YALA'S SPRING 2012 INTERNSHIP TRAILER! Watch to experience what the secret's all about. The past, the present, the trials, the triumphs, and all of it encapsulated. We are currently accepting Interns for our upcoming Spring semester beginning January 16th, 2012. Peek the preview!  Read More
Rio 2
Andrea takes a closer look at the beautiful San Miguel River that runs in front of their house.   Read More