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March 14, 2013

by Courtney Frazee
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At Kalu Yala, we demand more out of our free time. We lace up our sneakers to explore our city, treat dog-eared books like currency, and converse into the early hours of the morning on ideas like social entrepreneurship and sustainable connections. Our celebrities are thinkers and innovators. Our laptop screens are primed for the familiar “do-do-do-do-dooo” of a recent TEDTalk geared up in the queue. We’re ready to make the education of Kalu Yala something official – something you can participate in.

Once a week, Kalu Yala invites a prominent guest to lead an educational event called a “Flash Seminar.” Designed as a non-traditional learning experiment (using several models from US universities), a flash seminar is an informal, one-time mini class that brings together knowledgeable individuals with Kalu Yala interns and staff. The goal of these events is to explore topics relevant to our work and living environment in a shared setting that enables our community to grow intellectually outside of our individual work. Flash seminars may vary from traditional lecture-format to collaborative discussions, and we welcome a variety of presentations.

These events may take place in one of three locations: Kalu Yala’s city abode, “Casa Yala,” our house in San Miguel (located in San Martín), or our valley site. Casa Yala and San Miguel offer more traditional spaces for holding lectures, while the valley offers a chance to engage in an outdoor learning environment. Additionally, we will have a projector to use if needed in Casa Yala & San Miguel. The valley is a more rustic environment, inclusive of a common gathering area for communal meals, as well as a variety of recreational spaces. We are happy to work with you to find an appropriate time and place for your event. Flash seminars may take on three different models: traditional classroom lecture, a round-table discussion, or hands-on educational event depending on the topic.

Flash Seminars will be fun, informal events that bring together a group interested in expanding our knowledge and tapping into the intellectual resources of our larger community. Come learn about us, and let us learn about you.

“Learning can be defined as the process of remembering what you are interested in.” – Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TEDTalks and of the “Information Architecture” field.

If you are interested in leading or attending a KY Flash Seminar, please email

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