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On Defining Your Own Reality.

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March 10, 2013

by Shane Boyar
Posted In: The Creation of a Culture, Voices of Kalu Yala

Listen: To be really honest, this is the last thing I want to be doing. I just spent the last two weeks sleeping outside, hiking up mountains, jumping off boulders, riding horses, and sleeping under the stars, and now I’m supposed to sit here and type up a blog post? In The Valley there are no blogs, hell, there’s not even electricity. You want twitter? Just lay up in my rancho and listen to the songbird that made its home in the roof. Our Facebook messages are shouts from across rivers or jokes told across our dinner table. Back in the “real world” everything was screens, faces lit by ambient glow and ears filled with digital sound; personal interaction limited to small talk about who knows what.

Listen: They’ll tell you that “real life” is sitting in an office, climbing the corporate ladder, busting your ass to write emails or file papers just to eke out some kind of a living, but they’re wrong.

Listen: If you’re like me they’ll tell you that you’re running away from the responsibilities of “reality.” They’ll accuse you of not wanting to do your part, to mold yourself into the roles they want you to fill, but they’re wrong.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you how to define your own reality. Step out of the hot midday sun in the valley and jump into the pulsing waters of the Pecora. Be surrounded by a group of people who (maybe for the first time ever, you feel) actually get you. Take time to actually listen, everyone out here has their own story, even though all paths have lead to The Valley, and eventually all paths will once again diverge.

Listen: Define your own reality.

2 Responses to “On Defining Your Own Reality.”

  1. Alice says:

    Hauntingly awesome.

  2. Rachel Abendshein says:

    shane, this is so good!