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“Life is like riding a bike… to keep your balance you must keep moving”

February 17, 2012

by Erin Marie Keigher
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Life is all about balance, as Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. Myself and the interns in San Miguel are balanced and moving forward.

San Miguel Girls!

San Miguel girls!

Roles are becoming more defined in the house. Lillian and Hannah are taking on the education of the teens; Tiffany is in charge of the little niños; and Courtney and Myself are teaching the adult classes. The interns all have individual projects too. Hannah is working on a mural for the town;



Tiffany is prepping and planning for a dental education workshop (which we will present in numerous schools); Courtney is continuing the with soccer program, and will be making hoola hoops with some of the girls in the town, and Lillian has been actively working in the house garden, and is planning and prepping for an after-school conservation group. We are busy bees :-) We are also continuing with our spanish studies; and I have been teaching and leading yoga classes for the interns at the house as well.

Seeing my interns blossom and come into their own with their projects and roles makes me feel good… in a maternal in a way. It has been a great new experience to work along side my interns and be present with my boundaries. I am a director and they are my interns; and boundaries are very important. We are all working well as a team and have a lot of fun; and I am also having one on one meetings with the interns – as communication is very important. Living and working and playing together means we have a lot of time together, and sometimes some of the personal issues are not expressed. I have found these individual conferences to be really helpful and the energy at Casa Llena is positive and fun :-)  In times of frustration I re-focus on why I am here, and what I am doing. I am here to make a positive difference in lives of the people in San Miguel; and I am here for my interns in every way they need me.
Hannah and Lillian
A positive foundation has been made; and we are all blossoming! Last week we had Rio Clean up Day; an event that the Community Outreach team planned and executed together. It was a huge success! Local men, women and children  helped us as well as some of the Kalu Yala City and Valley crew. We really came together as one community; Kalu Yala and San Miguel. Afterwards we all gathered at Casa Llena and had tacos for lunch. Zach Bron (a Valley intern) graciously donated a brand new soccer ball for the person who collected the most trash. It was so beautiful to see the huge smile on the little girl whom Zach gave the ball too. As a valley intern, Zach has not directly worked alongside the people in San Miguel; but Zach is one of many role models for Kalu Yala… Working hard with a big smile and a huge heart – with a positive desire to make a difference in the world. Thank you Zach, and thank you to all of the Kalu Yala staff and Interns that came together to make Rio Clean Up day a huge success.

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