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Look out for the God of Carnage

October 7, 2010

by Lanier Clement
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Kimberly Hall, a Kalu Yala partner, is producing and directing The God of Carnage, here in Panama at the historical Theatre Guild of Ancon. Performances are this weekend: October 7th, 8th, 9th and next weekend: October 14th, 15th ,16th at 7:45 pm.

Kimberly also wrote and directed a 20-minute one-act play with Rob Rivera called HYDRA, which will run before the main performance. Rob is a local Panamanian writer (Spanish and English), editor and social event planner with an awesome Web site. In HYDRA, Disney-like characters—with a hysterical modern twist—act out the dreams of a little girl. Both should be brilliant entertainment!

About The God of Carnage:


God of Carnage on Broadway

Originally written by Yasmina Reza and performed in Zurich in 2006, it has won a Tony award for Best Play and the Lawrence Olivier Award in London for Best New Comedy in 2009. As well as a Broadway Production, last month it was decided that Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christopher Waltz and Matt Dillon will star in the God of Carnage movie, directed by Roman Polaski.

The God of Carnage involves two couples meeting to peacefully resolve their children’s playground fight. What was meant to be a mature adult conversation leads to an emotional, yet comical, struggle as the men and women gang up on each other. The meeting for coffee transforms into a rum drinking fiasco.

About the Theatre Guild:

The performance takes place at the international theater, Theatre Guild of Ancon. It gives foreigners an easy way to get involved in the community because the plays are in English. The Theatre Guild is the only voluntary theatre in the Republic of Panama and is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

The building was originally a hospital clinic for the U.S. Army, but after the war, it was reconstructed into a theatre with the help of volunteers. Its founding members originally started an English-speaking theatre for the American troops in Cristobal, part of the Colon province. After World War II, the Cristobal Little Theater’s founding families moved into the capital and started the Theatre Guild. For more historical information on the theatre, click here and enjoy.

Theater Guild Ancon

Theatre Guild

Since volunteers run the theatre, all income and donations from ticket sales help keep it running. Many of the Guild actors have made it big and become professionals on Broadway. Interestingly, one individual being Jennifer Anniston’s (my favorite actress!) father, John Anniston. With at least three productions every year, it is still running strong, but the number of Americans is declining in Panama City, so they need our support! For more information on the theater, check out Rob Rivera’s blog.

God of Carnage

A snapshot of the actors performing God of Carnage on opening night

It is a great way to get involved and a 10-dollar donation is not a lot to ask for, for an amazing production! Once again, supporting small businesses is part of the mission of Kalu Yala! Come out and support if you live in Panama City.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Thanks Lanier! So great for all you guys to come support! :)

  2. KelseyKiser says:

    That sounds super cool!