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For Tomorrow

February 12, 2012

by Joe McKittrick
Posted In: Adventures in the Tropics, Designing the Village, Farm to Table Living, Our Global Community, The Creation of a Culture, Voices of Kalu Yala, Wandering Thoughts

el valle

let us build the future not fortify the present

let our mark be a good one and not a quagmire for our children to clean

let us leave the trees and the rivers to grow and flow untrammeled by human hands

let future generations drift and dream to the sounds of wind rustled leaves and cascading waterfalls

let them cool their bodies in pristine waters

let them clamber to new heights in undaunted treetops

let nature embrace these unborn masses the same as it embraces us

let not the rivers run dry nor the forest all burn within our stoves

let not the progress of today hinder the wonders of tomorrow

let not our children choose the lesser of two evils but the better of virtuous goods

let it be our unspoken gift.

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